• We only offer the service of camping (sleeping in tents)hamacas  $ 3 per person per night.
  • In Ojo de Agua we do not have cabins or rooms.
  • There are a variety of hotels near Ojo de Agua (less than 5km).  In Santo Domingo beach you have beach hotels and in Altagracia you have city hotels.
  • In Altagracia is located Posada Cabrera with whom we have agreements with very favorable prices, this is a hostel for backpackers.


  • Ojo de Agua has a modest dining room that offers a variety of dishes.
  • Our Personal is being trained by the National School of Hospitality as part of the Project for Tourism Development of the South West of the Country, wich is executed by Centro Empresarial Pellas and the Dutch Embassy.
  • As you can see, We are improving to serve you better.
  • We accept any and all claims, questions and suggestions, it helps us be better, please feel free to communicate anything.

  1. We have some Tours:
    • Plantain Tour:
      • Visit the plantain crop.
      • We show and explain the whole process of the plantain, from harvesting to final product sales.
      • It is a journey through different templates where you can see the progress step by step.
      • At the end of the trail you get some plantains and we can can teach you how to cook them in our dining room.
    • Tour around the Ojo de Agua:
      • Is a tour through a trail around the eye of the river water and good fortune
      • It is very possible to see birds like the crested jay, guises, and many more.
      • It is very possible to observe butterflies, and monkeys, squirrels and small fishes, frogs and iguanas.